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  • Zap Electric Scooters Overview

    Zap electric scooters are scooter are battery powered scooters. The scooters look similiar to push scooter, have the same feel, except that they can run on electricity and do not require pushing off to operate. These electric scooters can move at speeds of up to 15 miles per hour and are the vehicle of choice for many kids age 8 to 14. The batteries for these scooters operate for up to an hour and can be quickly recharged. Zap electric scooters come in several varieties, some travel at different speeds than other and some are better for street use. The next several sections contain an overview of Zap electric scooters along with some potential uses and helpful features..


    If you are new to electric scooters, electric scooters have a number of uses. Zap electric scooters can be used for transportation. Electric scooters can be a safe and cost effective way to commute or travel in an urban area. Moreover, many people use electric scooters in the same way that they would use skateboards - to do tricks. Electric scooters can be used on the street, sidewalk, and in many skateboard parks to do tricks. Electric Scooters also provide kids a way to have a motorized vehicle. Since most localities have few (if any) regulations on these type of scooters, kids can have a powerful and desirable means of getting from point A to point B. Finally, electric scooters can be used as a status symbol. Since they are novel and can be difficult to find, a Zap electric scooter owner can achieve a good degree of recognition amoung his peers.

    Basic Features

    With any Zap electric scooter, there are a number of features that will come with it. One of the most important is the Zap power system. This power system provides the scooter its power and is in the form of a rechargable battery. This battery can be plugged into a wall outlet and can be recharged so that it will run for almost an hour. Another important feature that comes on these electric scooters is the brake. All brakes on these Zap scooters are hand operated, rear brakes. Another important feature is the fact the Zap electric scooters, particularly the Zappy, are often foldable If the rider gets tired or riding or enters a high traffic area, or has to go up some stairs, the electric scooter can be quickly folder under the arm and carried up several flights of stairs. The chart below described the set of features that are included in one of the most popular types of Zap electric scooters, the ZAPPY II:


  • Folds in seconds
  • Steal and aluminum construction
  • Just over 3 feet long
  • Lightweight at 36 lbs
  • Can be carried or rolled behind like luggage
  • Includes rechargable battery
  • Includes portable recharger
  • Zero pollution
  • Recharge in less than 6 hours
  • FRAME: High-tensile steel.
  • BRAKES: Rear, hand-operated band brake.
  • DRIVETRAIN: Silent belt drive.
  • DRIVE SYSTEM: ZAP single motor power-assist system.
  • MOTOR: High efficiency, ceramic, permanent magnet direct current motor. High output, .5 hp at 3,500 RPM peak. Up to 13mph (20.8Km) and up to 8miles distance on a charge.
  • MOTOR CONTROL: Single speed, solid state/electro-mechanical system. Safety on/off trigger switch shuts off motor when released. Rider must push off to power motor.
  • CHARGER: Portable charger (specify 110v or 220v).
  • BATTERY CAPACITY: Sealed, maintenance-free, memory-free battery is approximately 7 in. x 7 in. x 3 in. and weighs about 12.5 pounds(5.6Kg).
  • DIMENSIONS: Length: 41 Width: 11 Height: 11 Weight: 37 pounds.
  • FEATURES: Easy to fold and carry. Proprietary Roll n Go circuitry extends range and prevents vehicle from starting when not moving (rider must give vehicle slight push). Quick release battery system.
  • OPTIONS: ZAP mobile charger. (Charges while you drive your car). Lights ZAPPY Deluxe Carry Bag Extra battery Fast charger


    Push scooters have been around for a while. They were quite popular in the 60's and then seemed to go out of style. Powerful moped type scooters have been around for a while as well - almost as long as motorcylces. Modern technology has just recently allowed motors to be added to traditional push scooters. This combines the best features of push scooters and the best features of motor scooters. Moreover, the environmentally safe nature of electric scooters coupled with the fact that it is easy to obtain electricity makes electricity one of the ideal sources of power for an this new breed of scooters. The compact size makes electric scooters extremely popular in urban or suburban areas.


    Hopefully this introduction to elctric scooters and Zap electric scooters in particular has been extremely helpful. With the increased demand for electric scooters from kids and adults and the affordability of these scooters, Zap electric scooters are here to stay. It is possible that electric scooters will be one of the most popular gifts this holiday season.

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