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Xport 711 Electric Scooters
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  • The X-Port 711 is an excellent electric scooter made almost entirely out of aluminum. The scooter provides one of the most favorable speed to weight combinations available. The frame is extremely light and can be easily carried on a bus, plane or packed into the trunk of a car or RV. The X-Port 711 goes up to 17 mph, providing a lot of speed for the rider. This speed makes the X-Port 711 in the mid to top range of speed for fun electric scooters, although not the fastest out there. The speed is also great for reaching the destination quickly. The range of this scooter is quite good at 12 miles - partially due to the scooter's light weight.

    The X-Port 711 also has a unique drive system that lets a rider freewheel. When the battery of this electric scooter is drained, it can be used as a kick scooter. Moreover, when the motor is shut off, the drive system of this electric scooter will bypass the motor and let the rider freewheel. This is helpful in situations where a rider is looking to safe the battery such as on a legnthy downhill grade or if the rider has energy, but knows there is a long journey coming up.

    The only draw backs that we found with the X-Port 711 deals with the scooter's power. Although the scooter boasts a high top speed, it is difficult for a full weight rider to achieve the top speed. Moreover, the scooter does have some difficulties going up hilly terrain, especially as the weight of the rider gets closer to the weight limit. These difficulties however, have been solved with the latest version of the scooter the X-port Plus. The X-Port 711 scooter also lacks a seat option so if you get tired of standing on it, you cannot site down.

    As we reviewed this scooer, we found it to be a great commuter scooter over flat sufaces and an excellent kids scooter (scooter where the rider is not a full grown adult.) All in all, we would strongly prefer this scooter over scooters like the Zappy in all categories (speed, range, and weight). Moreover, this scooter is well designed and the free wheel feature on the scooter makes this a great scooter. The price is reasonable at just under $400 and compares favorably to many other scooters at this price range.

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