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  • The Volt electric scooter, introduced in August of 2002 is definately worth a look. The scooter is extremely lightweight at 39 lbs with the battery making it great for cruising around. The scooter delivers good speed at 12 mph and performed quite favorably against comparable models in our speed tests outperforming the Z-scooter along and several other comparable models. The scooter was quite manueverable and it was easy to turn quickly. The battery sits underneath the scooter's deck and gives the rider the ability to stand or sit freely without having to continually watch out for the battery.

    One of the nicest features that we found with the Volt is the seat option. The Volt comes with an optional seat that can be removed quite easily. Moreover, the Volt's seat is fully adjustable. A rider can move the seat so that it is located closer to the handlebars or can position it further back for additional confort. Most scooter have the seat the screws into only one position. This is the first scooter we have seen that has a seat that adjusts in this way. The Volt's motor was specially designed by a separate manufacturer with years of experience in the scooter industry.

    Additionally, the Volt is priced quite favorably. We have seen the Volt priced anywhere from $269 to $329. Although from time to time, there will be a special deal that features the Volt priced lower than that. When the Volt is compared with scooters like the ZZ rider or the Z Turbo the scooter does pretty well. The speed of the scooters are comparable. The Volt is lighter than the Z Turbo and is much lighter than the ZZ rider. Clearly the Volt is an attractive option for kids or adults looking for convienent transportation.

    Possible electric scooter uses: going around the neighborhood, small trips, public events, commuting, some tricks.

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