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Razor Mini e Electric Scooters
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    Item Rating
    Speed 5
    Performance 5
    Weight 10
    Reliability 8.5
    Relevant Age 7 and up
    Overall Satisfaction 8
    Skill Level Beginner
    Board size Thin

    The Razor Mini E represents Razor's new, low cost electric scooter offering. The Mini E is roughly the same size as Razor's kick scooters and is definately very compact. The scooter will go up to 8 miles on one battery charge - which is enough for many scooter outings. The battery charge time leaves a little to be desired at 3 hours. However, the battery is easy to charge and can be plugged into the wall. The razor Mini E also runs on a smaller motor. It has a top speed of around 8 miles per hour, making it somwhat slower than other offerings. The other small drawback to the Razor Mini E is the wheel size - the smaller wheel size may make it necessary to replace wheels a little more frequently, however they still appear to last for a good deal of time. Moreover, the small wheel size makes it necessary to avoid large cracks or grooves in the pavement.

    The Razor Mini E is essentially a converted kick scooter with a small motor added. Kids will find it easy to go from a kick scooter to the Mini E. In our opinion, the Razor Mini E is the perfect electric scooter for slightly younger children. The lower top speeds make this scooter a safer bet than other electric scooters. Moreover, its compact size makes it easier to ride and manuever for younger kids. The Razor Mini E also appears to be a great electric scooter for beginners because of the aforementioned features. Moreover, the cost is quite reasonable at just under $200. This low price point allows a beginner to purchase a brand name electric scooter at a reasonable price. All in all, we feel that the low price point for the Razor Mini E presents a lot of value for the scooter buyer.

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