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  • Razor Electric Scooters Overview

    Kick scooters were originally popular ealrier this century. Razor is the company that repopularized kick scooters a few years ago, making them a must have holiday gift. The company's scooters designs are somewhat distinctive. The scooter has a thin body and elongated handle bars that help to differentiate the brand from other scooter types. This makes razor scooters more compact than comparable scooters on the market. However, one trade off that arises with razor scooters, since they are smaller than competitor offerings, is that the scooter is made out of a more durable material. This article seeks to examine Razor's two main electric scooter offerings: the Razor Mini E, and the 131E battery powered scooter. Here's what we found.

    Razor Mini E

    The Razor Mini E represents Razor's new, low cost electric scooter offering. The Mini E is roughly the same size as Razor's kick scooters and is definately very compact. The scooter will go up to 8 miles on one battery charge - which is enough for many scooter outings. The battery charge time leaves a little to be desired at 3 hours. However, the battery is easy to charge and can be plugged into the wall. The razor Mini E also runs on a smaller motor. It has a top speed of around 8 miles per hour, making it somwhat slower than other offerings. The other small drawback to the Razor Mini E is the wheel size - the smaller wheel size may make it necessary to replace wheels a little more frequently, however they still appear to last for a good deal of time.

    In our opinion, the Razor Mini E is the perfect electric scooter for slightly younger children. The lower top speeds make this scooter a safer bet than other electric scooters. Moreover, its compact size makes it easier to ride and manuever for younger kids. The Razor Mini E also appears to be a great electric scooter for beginners because of the aforementioned features. Moreover, the cost is quite reasonable at just under $200. This low price point allows a beginner to purchase a brand name electric scooter at a reasonable price. All in all, we feel that the low price point for the Razor Mini E presents a lot of value for the scooter buyer.

    Razor 131 E Battery Powered Scooter

    The 131 E Battery Powered Scooter from Razor is the company's initial foray into electric scooter development. This electric scooter, like many other electric scooters is compact, and lightweight. The 131 E has a top speed of just over 10 miles per hour - this gives a scooter rider a little bit more speed than the Razor Mini E, along with a more powerful motor. One of nicest features of the 131 E is the fact that the battery can be removed and the scooter used as a kick scooter. The 131 E has a nice brake feature and a lot of extras that give this electric scooter a sleek design. The 2.5 hour charge time is better than the Mini E.

    The safety features on the 131 E are quite helpful - the motor automatically shuts off when the brake is applied and won't engage unless the speed gets up to 3 mph. We regard the Mini E as a great scooter for intermediate to advanced riders. Like all Razor scooters, its size is compact and it can be easily carried or transported onto a bus, train, or car. The price point on the 131 E is reasonable - just over $300. This pricing makes sense for an intermediate rider that is interested in a compact motorized scooter. The control on this is great and the extra features make this a good buy for intermediate riders.

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