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  • With the increasing popuolarity of electric scooters, we thought that we would create an article that outlines a few safety procedures to help electric scooter owner ride more safely and have an enjoyable experience. The single most important safety item that you can do to avoid accident or injury is to be an alert rider. Being alert mean that while you are riding, you should not focus on talking to someone, but should be watching the road or environment you are riding in to avoid potholes, pedestrians, other riders, etc. If you stay alert, you can avoid many of the common causes of injury.

    The next most important safety tip is to ride safely. Obviously engaging in risky riding behavior can increase your chances of getting in an accident or of getting hurt. Riders that attempt to do tricks or to go over dangerous terrain are more likely to get injured than other riders all things being equal. If you are a parent, you should also be sure that your child can handle riding an electric scooter and is familiar with the safety tips. If a child is not ready or capable of riding an electric or motorized scooter, then this can be classified as risky behavior. Also, make sure that the scooter that you have selected is appropriate for your child's abilities.

    Another preventive safety procedure deals with riding habits and visibility. Make sure that when you are riding that you obey all applicable traffic rules and regulations. Often, if you do something that drivers or pedestrians do no expect on an electric scooter, you can get into trouble. Also be sure to wear visible clothing so that other riders and drivers can see you and adjust their driving style accordingly. Morover, do not ride your scooter at night. Most electric scooter do not come with lights and reflectors that would equip the scooter for night driving. If cars do not see you, you may be in danger of being hit.

    The final type of preventive safety that you can do is to make sure that the scooter is in working order. A scooter that is functioning according to specification will generally be easier to control. Moreover, keeping your scooter adequately maintained can reduce the chances for injury and can provide you with a better riding experience. Make sure the tires are pumped up and avoid all sharp objects that might damage the tires.

    The next portion of these articles on safety will include information on protective gear an equipment.
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