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HCF 707 Motorized Electric Scooters
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  • The HCF 707 is a scooter rider's dream - the overall look and construction of this scooter do make this a real crowd pleaser. It can also be branded as the XPort SLX. The engineers at HCF have make a winner here. Not everyone will be able to afford this scooter, but it does deliver a significant amount of performance for the dollar. The 350 Watt motor provides significant power and enables this scooter to go up most grades even with substantial weight. In almost all of the tests that have been performed on this scooter, it has demonstrated good power. The scooter is also a better choice for a heavier rider - with a maximum recommended rider weight of 240 pounds, this scooter can carry more than typical scooters.

    The HCF 707 also is loaded with all kinds of extra features that are really helpful, not excess bells and whistles. The LED is mounted on the handlebars and lets the rider know the level of battery charge remaining. The wheels are large and enable this scooter to navigate rougher pavement. Although not recommended, it even fares better than most other scooters off road. The HCF 707 also has a seat (detachable) that comes standard along with a aluminum rack. The handlebars are adjustable and the scooter also includes rear fenders. Moreover, the dual suspension makes this scooter ride a lot more like a motorcycle than other electric scooters.

    In conclusion, we found the HCF 707 to be an excellent scooter for experienced riders and would definately recommend it over any other scooter for someone want a pure performance scooter.

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