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HCF Cute 4 Wheeler
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  • The HCF Cute 4 Wheeler, also called the HCF 301 is slightly different than many of the scooters that we typically review here. The main difference that is apparent is that the Cute 4 Wheeler has one wheel in the front and 3 wheels in the back. This provides the rider with good added stability and also makes the scooter look pretty good. It also makes the scooter a little less compact - it is difficult to quickly avoid pedestrians on a sidewalk or a narrow space becasue of the extra space needed to clear the wheels. So the HCF Cute 4 Wheeler can be used in crowded areas, but requires a little bit more navigation and patience than other, thiner scooters. The tires are on the scooter are pretty large at 12.5 inches - this allows a rider to safety navigate rougher road surfaces.

    In terms of speed, the HFC 4 Wheeler provides good speed at just under 16mph. This speed is sufficient for most short trips around the neighborhood or to the store. The speed, howerever is not suffcient to blend in with traffic on most major roads so any rider riding the scooter on a road will need to be somewhat careful. The scooter also goes a good ways on a battery charge. The charge range is about 16 miles - this provides a good deal of range and makes the scooter suitable for medium legnth commutes through urban areas. The scooter is also great for travel along paved paths or roads that are not well traveled. The scooter also comes standard with a basket so it is indicative of what the designers had in mind for its uses.

    The HCF Cute 4 Wheeler electric scooter is not a scooter designed to be picked up and carried. The scooter weighs just over 117 pounds with the battery and is pretty heavy. The scooter can be folded down for compact storage and will fit into some vehicles. When it is folded, the longest dimension is 48 inches. This will fit into most trucks or vehicles. The scooter should generally be used like a motorcycle, not a kick scooter because of its heavy weight and somewhat larger dimensions.

    Overall we found the HCF Cute 4 Wheeler to be refreshing in its design. It will work well for people looking to take it on recreational outings, commutes, or trips. However this scooter is not a kid's scooter.
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