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HCF Cute 2 Wheeler Motor Scooter
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  • The HCF Cute 2 Wheeler, like the HCF 4 Wheeler is not typically a kids scooter. The scooter rides more like a bike than a standard kick or motorized scooter. However, it and has a bigger body than most kick scooters or recreation scooters. This makes the scooter ride somewhat like a motor cycle. In order to ride this scooter, the rider needs to stay balanced like on a bike, however the scooter's size and design make this easy to ride and easy to use.

    The scooter does offer a favorable combination of speed and longevity. The scooter's top speed is just over 15 mph, not a ton of speed for a scooter of this size, but the scooter does deliver good speed for an electric scooter. The speed is also more than sufficient for quick trips around town, short commutes, or trips to the store. The motor on this scooter is 375 Watts allowing the scooter to handle most grades. The scooter lets the rider go about 16 miles per charge - a good legnth for an electric scooter. This makes the scooter suitable for short and middle distance trips. The scooter is also an excellent aid for those people who cannot or do not like to walk longer distances. It is mainly a recreation vehicle.

    The only drawback to this scooter, like the HCF 301 is that it is a little bit heavy. The scooter weights 62 lbs without the battery. With the battery, the scooter weighs in at just over 90 lbs, too heavy to carry. Although the scooter weighs a lot, this scooter can be folded down and stored easily. This scooter wpould fit in most RV storage spaces and could be used to travel around a campsite or other area. Altogether, the HCF Cute 2 Wheeler is an excellent scooter for short or medium range travel and should be used like a bike or motorcycle.
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